3 Tips for Travelling with a Senior

Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on October 15, 2018 | 2 minute read

travelling with a seniorOrigin Active Lifestyle Communities believe all seniors should lead full and active lives. We are advocates for active living, and this includes remaining culturally active by pushing your boundaries by trying new things. Travelling is a great way to experience new and different cultures of food, languages, music, and more! 

Furthermore, travelling benefits all forms of activity: 

  • Physically: Walking and exploring a new city or location is a simple way to get your daily exercise
  • Mentally: Learning about new cultures or listening to and trying to understand a new language will help keep your mind sharp and active
  • Socially: Whether you are travelling in a group, or people you meet along the way, taking a trip is a great way to build connections and relationships with others 

Depending on the adventure, travelling can be exhausting, especially for seniors, so it is important to keep that in mind when planning your next getaway. Here are 3 tips for travelling with a senior to ensure everyone has a safe, fun, and memorable trip:

Simplify Your Travel Plans

It is important to be mindful of long distances when travelling with seniors. If driving by car, breakdown the drive into manageable segments so passengers have time to stretch and use the restroom. If flying is necessary, direct flights, although more expensive, are beneficial to seniors as transitions are smoother, and not needing to switch flights cause less stress.  

Remember to Eat Healthy

One of the best parts about travelling? The food! However, as we age, it becomes more and more important to monitor what we put into our bodies. When travelling from place to place, it is easy to grab a quick meal on-the-go, but these tend to lack the key nutrients seniors need. Make sure to keep this in mind and aim for healthy meals that include a lean protein, fruits or vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy. Of course, a little indulgence is acceptable on vacation!

Staying hydrated is also important for everyone, especially seniors. It is recommended to drink six to eight 250 mL of water (or other fluid) daily; of course, more or less may be recommended depending on age, how hot or dry the climate is or how much physical activity is being done. 


Pack Smart & Plan Ahead

If the senior you are travelling with requires medication, confirm the correct dosage needed and make sure they have enough medication for the length of your trip. If you are flying, plan ahead even further in the event that a flight is delayed, or travel plans get altered. When planning for clothing and other items, take the time to consider every scenario, i.e., changes in weather, unplanned extra nights, etc.

The most important part of travelling is to enjoy yourself and taking the time to plan ahead will make the trip smoother, less stressful, and more enjoyable for everyone. Origin prides itself on caring for its team members and community members above all else. Our active living communities offer gourmet dining, supportive living, and social activities.

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