The Population Has Spoken

Posted by The Origin Team on March 15, 2018

There are now 5.9 million Canadian seniors over the age of 65, compared to only 5.8 million Canadians that are 14 years old and younger! Statistics Canada's 2016 census figures, which include demographic data related to age, gender, and population density, states that this is a historic increase in the number of people over 65 - a jump of 20 percent since 2011. There are many contributing factors to these figures and understanding all of the implications concerning the future of Canada that can be derived from Statistics Canada's data is complex and challenging. Canada is now facing a decline in availability of public services. Funded care cannot be relied on to the same extent as it once was. With families now wondering how to navigate the changing landscape of active aging, it is essential to find the right resources and opportunities for aging adults. What are the next steps to consider? Origin Active Lifestyle recognizes three wonderful trends that speak to the future of Canadians.

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3 Tips for Dealing with Caregiver Burnout

Posted by The Origin Team on March 01, 2018

With an estimated 8 million Canadians providing informal care to a family member or friend, understanding healthy habits is extremely important. While being a caregiver can be a positive and rewarding experience, it can also take its toll, both physically and mentally.

Without finding a healthy balance between caring for someone else and managing your own physical and mental health, you’re increasing your risk of developing what is best described as caregiver burnout.

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Social Wellness A Dimension of Origin's Soul Café

Posted by The Origin Team on February 01, 2018

Soul Café is about paying attention to our individual well-being and creating space to be well together! We want to encourage you to look inwardly and outwardly. By being more aware of ourselves and each other, we transform the atmosphere, and all take steps towards fulfilling our potential. Some of the foundational elements of well-being that we hope to develop further are connecting with the people around you, being mindful, ongoing learning, and practicing generosity.

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5 Creative Ways to Pay for Memory Care Services

Posted by The Origin Team on January 17, 2018

The challenge of caring for a family member with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia is insurmountable for most people. It requires full-time caregiving with specialized skills and extraordinary patience. Considering that many adults with an aging parent have jobs and families of their own, they can't afford the time to devote to that type of care.

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4 Simple, Healthy Recipes to Prepare with Your Mom

Posted by The Origin Team on January 03, 2018

With the responsibilities of work, a spouse and children, and maintaining your own home, it can be difficult to find time to spend with an aging parent. Of course, you know you should, because you won't always have the opportunity, but it seems like there's always something urgent demanding your attention. Furthermore, time isn't enough: quality time is what you're after. One of the simplest ways to create that quality time (and complete an important task simultaneously) is by cooking healthy recipes together.

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Simple Tips for Protecting Your Finances

Posted by The Origin Team on December 15, 2017


You worked hard for years to enjoy your retirement, so it can be devastating to hear about scammers who will take advantage of people and their money. Some of these scams and underhanded dealings are directed toward seniors. The Canada Safety Council reports that con artists tend to believe seniors have good credit, and scammers hope the seniors will not report the crime out of embarrassment or that they will make unreliable witnesses.

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Discover How Origin's Soul Café Nourishes You

Posted by The Origin Team on December 01, 2017

At Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, we believe it is our mission to give you, our team members, a sense of purpose, belonging, and meaning at your job. Our hope is to encourage holistic engagement through Origin’s Soul Cafe. Each one of us brings who we are into the culture of our company. More than ever before we see the large-scale connectivity that weaves all aspects of our lives together. Modern technology has allowed us access to each other’s lives in radically greater quantity. The lines between professional life and your personal life are often blurred. As an employer, rather than asking you to push aside who you are, we are active in providing opportunity for healing and development for all of our team members.  

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10 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Posted by The Origin Team on November 19, 2017


Are you worried that a family member is experiencing the beginning symptoms of Alzheimer's? As people age and begin to a decrease in cognitive abilities, it is natural to ask, "is this normal or is it dementia?"

The Alzheimer's Association outlines ten early symptoms of Alzheimer's to watch for as family members age.

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Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Industry Leader, Colin Milner Speaks On Active Living

Posted by The Origin Team on November 05, 2017

There are few people more qualified to speak on the subject of active living than Colin Milner. The World Economic Forum recognized him as one of “the most innovative and influential minds” in the world on topics related to aging. As the founder and CEO of the International Council on Active Aging, Colin Milner has led the active-aging industry in North America to better understand the importance of the health and well-being for the older adult.   

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be On Social Media

Posted by The Origin Team on October 15, 2017


Social media might seem like it is only for teenagers - every day, another teen becomes a YouTube star or shows a parent how to use an iPad. However, social media can be beneficial and fun for people of all ages, and it can help seniors stay active and connected.

Among adults ages 65 and older, 67 percent use the internet, and 42 percent own a smartphone. More than a third of older adults use social media. Here are a few of the benefits seniors can get from being active on social media:

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