Why Shopping Benefits Senior Health

Posted by The Origin Team on September 15, 2018

Every day, older adults continue to break the stereotype that seniors live “passive and uneventful lives.” Today’s seniors are active, integrated participants in their communities and these interactions are contributing to their overall wellbeing. Origin Active Lifestyle Communities know that staying active can dramatically increase our quality of life as we age, and researchers agree!

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Topics: Social Wellness, Health & Nutrition

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

Posted by The Origin Team on September 01, 2018

As we age, our immunity, also known as our body’s defense system for combatting disease and bacteria, tends to weaken. A weakened immune system can lead to illness, and more often a slower recovery. It is crucial for seniors to stay active and find natural ways to strengthen their immune system.

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Interacting with A Friend in Memory Care

Posted by The Origin Team on August 15, 2018

Roughly 43 percent of those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in Canada receive assistance from a formal caregiver or a memory care community. It can be challenging to come to terms with the reality that a close friend is living with memory loss or residing in a memory care community. You may start to feel a disconnect from that friend, but it is important to focus on what you still have with that friend. Origin wants to help you stay connected and engaged with those close to you, even if they are living in a memory care community. Here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with a friend in memory care:

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Topics: Memory Care, Social Wellness

Reduced Mobility Doesn’t Have to Limit Your Active Lifestyle

Posted by The Origin Team on August 01, 2018

At Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, we have done the research and have seen the benefits an active lifestyle can have on our quality of life as we age. However, we know that some seniors may be dealing with reduced mobility and may even be in a wheelchair, but that should not limit you from living an active lifestyle! You do not need to have full mobility to. Reduced mobility should not hinder you from experiencing the health benefits of exercise and active living. However, it is essential to speak with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise regimen. Here we have provided a list of exercises you may be able to perform, even with reduced mobility:

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Topics: Social Wellness, Active Aging

3 Tips for a Stress-Free Transition to Active Senior Living

Posted by The Origin Team on July 15, 2018

At Origin Active Lifestyles Communities’ our main priority is caring for seniors. We are proud to offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities throughout Canada. If and when the time comes to move a parent or close relative to an active senior living community, the transition can be overwhelming, but Origin is here to help make the transition as stress-free as possible. Here are three tips for easing the process:

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Topics: Independent Living, Active Aging

Navigating the Future as a Solo Senior

Posted by The Origin Team on July 01, 2018

Solo Seniors are the growing number of older adults who are childless. While most older adults can rely on their children or spouse for assistance with planning for the future, Solo Seniors find themselves navigating many issues alone. In 2016, census information revealed that 28.2 percent of households in Canada were one-person households – a 25.7 percent increase from 2001. The most significant share of these households being in Atlantic provinces due to the aging population.

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Topics: Active Aging, Budgeting & Finances, Statistics

Healthy Detox Program for Seniors

Posted by The Origin Team on June 15, 2018

A detox, or detoxification, aims to rid the body of “toxins” or unwanted substances. Although the term can be misleading and is often associated with juice or sugar cleanses, a healthy detox program can be beneficial for the body. High consumption of “toxic” food or drinks, like those high in additives or preservatives, can lead to a weakened immune system and other health complications. It is especially important for those over 50 to make smarter, healthier food choices. Here are some tips when starting a detox program for seniors:

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Topics: Health & Nutrition, Statistics

Why Seniors Are Redefining Retirement

Posted by The Origin Team on June 01, 2018

The largest demographic boom in Canada’s history is about to reach the age of retirement! By the year 2030 the youngest baby boomers will reach 65 years old, and at that time, it is estimated that one in four Canadians will be 65 or older. The social stigma that used to be associated with the word “retirement’ is gone, and seniors are redefining the way they spend their golden years.

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Topics: Independent Living, Active Aging

3 Practices to Promote Healthy Eating for Seniors

Posted by The Origin Team on May 15, 2018

As we age, our nutritional needs, appetite and food behaviours start to change. Our metabolism begins to slow down which increases the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Additionally, as our metabolism slows down, the need for calories declines while the need for certain nutrients starts to increase. Healthy aging starts with healthy eating! Here are 3 simple practices to promote healthy eating for seniors: 

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Services Origin Offers Memory Care Community Members

Posted by The Origin Team on May 01, 2018

Alzheimer’s, dementia and other forms of memory impairment cause a decrease in cognition, or the mental process of thinking, such as reasoning, awareness, and judgment. This decline in cognition can cause health issues and the inability to perform daily living tasks. Origin memory care communities are designed to offer resort-style amenities and services with the added benefits of around the clock care by trained staff. Origin memory care communities also offer activities specifically designed to improve cognitive thinking and encourage social engagement. 

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