3 Tips for a Stress-Free Transition to Active Senior Living

Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on July 15, 2018 | 3 minute read

active senior livingAt Origin Active Lifestyles Communities’ our main priority is caring for seniors. We are proud to offer independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities throughout Canada. If and when the time comes to move a parent or close relative to an active senior living community, the transition can be overwhelming, but Origin is here to help make the transition as stress-free as possible. Here are three tips for easing the process:

1. Be Mindful of Emotions 

During this time of change, emotions may be stirred up, and patience can be tried. Everyone handles things differently, so it is important to be open to all emotions and let your parent or relative experience them. Shutting down or blocking the expression of individual reactions can hinder the moving process and create unwanted tension.

Be sure to also keep this in mind once the move is completed. Allow your family members time to adjust to their new home. As everyone carries different emotions, the adjustment period may be longer than others but take the time to listen to your parent(s) or family member’s thoughts, fears, etc. and reassure them of the benefits of the move.

2. Focus on the Positive 

Many seniors leaving their homes may be upset or scared of these changes. Focusing on the positive active senior livingaspects of an active senior living community can combat fear by building excitement. Remind your parent(s) of the amenities and services they will have access to such as:

  • Healthy, delicious, chef-prepared meals
  • Personal care assistance (if needed)
  • Social activities and fitness classes
  • Pampering services at the Evergreen Salon and Spa™
  • The opportunity to make new friends

It is important to remind the senior in your life to focus on everything they will be gaining by moving to an active senior living community, instead of letting them dwell on what they think they are “losing.”

3. Put Your Trust in Origin

During and after the transition, it is essential that your parent or family member knows that you will continue to visit and support them. However, a constant ‘hand-holding’ may inhibit their independence and make the transition harder to accept. Give them time to adjust to their new home and put your trust in Origin. We are a collection of dedicated and passionate professionals bound by our collective vision and determination to make a difference in the lives of our community members.


When transitioning to an active senior living community, it is crucial for you and your parent(s) to consider the “big picture” and focus on the many benefits that will come with the move. Staying positive will help promote a stress-free transition for everyone involved. Once the move is complete, your family member will feel reassured of this decision when they start to experience new independence and an improved quality of life. 

Each of our Origin Active Lifestyles Communities are one-of-a-kind and built with our community member in mind. Visit our website to find the right Origin community for your parent or family member.

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