Kathleen Makes National News After Crocheting +11,000 Toques for Those in Need!

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Kathleen Rempel has been a community member at Origin at Longwood since 2018, and has been crocheting for more than 30 years. She has taken to it as a daily dose of therapy and since then has created over 11,000 toques, averaging 3 toques a day. She tells us that she does one before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and sometimes another before bed! 

Kathleen donates her toques to those in need – the homeless, the sailors or local charities through Origin's Spirit of Giving. Recently this story caught the eye of CTV’s Adam Sawatski who helped take this story national across Canada where she inspired many to help give back to their community last December. 

What Does She Do With All These Toques? 

Kathleen has selflessly donated the 11,000 toques to those in need. Including the sailors, homeless, and local Nanaimo Charities. Most recently she donated her toques along side the other Knitters, Crocheters, and painters from Origin at Longwood to be sold at a local craft fair to raise funds for the Nanaimo Hospice, Loaves and Fishes, and The Haven Society. 

Every couple of months she donates a big bag of around 70 toques to the sailors.  

Going National With Her Incredible Story 

CTV’s Adam Sawatski picked up the story first and shortly after it went province wide in BC, then National across Canada! 

Soon after CTV’s national news station showcased it, her phone was ringing off the hook! She agreed to do one more story for Global News to help raise awareness for those in need. 



Where Is She Now? 

Kathleen is still making toques every day for those in need. We are very fortunate to have Kathleen as a community member at Origin at Longwood in Nanaimo, BC, where she is keeping heads warm and lighting up the rest of the day with her beautiful smile. 

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