How Angie Harvey is Bringing a Smile to Her Community's Faces

Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on April 01, 2023 | 3 minute read

Angie Harvey and her partner John moved into Origin at Longwood in 2021. A former school teacher she has always had a passion for learning – and when she combine this with her love of bringing cheer to her friends and neighbors, Smile Pages was born. Since her move into Origin at Longwood she has been gracing our shelfs and displays with these learned-funnies and even recently catching the eye of CTV’s Adam Sawatski who did a little exposé on her – taking the story provincial across British Columbia. 

What Are Smile Pages? 

Angie has always been a learner. She loves researching anything from mushrooms to trees, to the birds that live in those trees. She also has a great sense of humour and creates many comics for our senior community to enjoy. Smile Pages is a mashup of learning about the incredible things in our world along with the joys of laughter created by her funny pages. This combination of these two topics can be found throughout the community, at Origin at Longwood’s concierge desk, pub, and games room. Community members are always welcome to pop in for a read to learn something new and bring a smile to their face. 

Making CTV News broadcast across British Columbia 

CTV’s Adam Sawatski stopped in at Origin at Longwood to interview Angie and learn all about her smile pages. 

Where Is She Now? 

Angie is still living at Origin at Longwood creating her Smile Pages and bringing joy to her readers every day. More on Angie's smile pages below from an interview with our team from 2021. Learn more about Origin at Longwood and our other Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on our website.


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