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Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on September 01, 2021 | 4 minute read

Origin Active Independent Living

As life begins to go back to normal, it’s more obvious now than ever how much of a privilege it is to live an independent, active lifestyle. Your quality of life is defined by being active in your communities, visiting your family, getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, and independently exploring what life has to offer.

At Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, we have always believed this, which is why we support the International Council of Active Aging in their mission to promote healthy, active aging in the senior living industry.

Leading by example, we’re always staying on top of innovative research to make positive changes in our communities. Designed to support your healthy aging through each dimension of wellness, we make sure no stone is left unturned. Discover the ways individuals just like you are continuing to lead active, independent lives at Origin! 

Physical Wellness: Exercise Programs

Did you know exercise not only protects you from injury and disease but has also been shown to support your brain health? In fact, decades of research have proven its positive effects on our attention, memory, and visual sensitivity.

Remaining independent and active for longer is highly dependent on these brain functions, so each of our communities in British Columbia and Alberta have made sure to include specialized exercise programs for healthy aging.

  • Aquafit™ is our trademarked program that offers aqua therapy classes in a saltwater pool. Best for easing joint and muscle pain while building strength to support these parts of your body.
  • Personal trainers at our communities are available to specifically design exercises for your goals. Whether you have an injury or need to improve your balance, our personal trainers are certified to help you get there safely.
  • PowerStride™ classes are a fantastic way to spend time with friends, increase your step count, and enjoy nature. All walking poles are provided for a full-body workout in the sunshine.

Mental Wellness: Expand Your Mind

The best part about living in an active lifestyle community like Origin is the one-stop services offered in-house. It couldn’t be any easier to enjoy a cribbage tournament or try an art class; just walk a few steps from your front door into the community’s recreational room. 

In the last decade, research has skyrocketed in proving the benefits of mindfulness, intellectual stimulation, and problem-solving for preventing degenerative brain illnesses. Even universities across Canada, like the University of Victoria, have increased research programs to tackle this exact topic. Hence, why our community teams have put our thinking caps on to come up with amazing opportunities for you to expand your mind so you can stay independent and active longer.

  • Varying guest speakers visit our communities on topics you’re most curious about. Ranging from local political representatives to experienced arborists, there is always an opportunity to learn.
  • Hands-on, creative classes like flower arrangement workshops and watercolour painting are offered at Origin so you can express your creative side the way you want.
  • Local gaming tournaments for bingo, cribbage, and chess are hosted on-site or off-site, so you can play the best of the best in your local area.

Social Wellness: Meet Your Neighbours

A large part of an independent, active lifestyle is social wellness. As ICAA states, “Studies reveal that sociality is our first line of defense when it comes to quality aging.” After a year and a half of social isolation, the entire world has felt just how serious that line of defense is for our mental and physical health.

Seniors’ mental and physical health across the globe were at the highest risk, making it our job as a member of the senior living industry to step up and innovate. Luckily for our community members, they had close neighbours that united through patio concerts and happy hours, but those who age in place had to rely on video calls and windows. It’s events like these that remind us just how important our social programs are for keeping you independent and active for longer.

But, on the brighter side, we’re happy to announce that as vaccinations roll out, so do our social events! Here are some great times you have to look forward to with Origin:

  • Our bird-watching clubs are the perfect way to explore nature with independently active friends who love birds as much as you do!
  • Each one of our communities has an in-house bar steps away from your suite. Gather up your neighbours for happy hour trivia for refreshing drinks and knee-slapping laughs.
  • Social wine tastings are such a fun way to meet like-minded neighbours who appreciate a nice bottle of merlot. Our communities offer excursions to local wineries or bring in local restaurants to show off their stuff and teach us something new.

If you’re interested in the many other activities and programs we offer for healthy aging, we invite you to book a tour at the Origin Active Lifestyle Community closest to you!

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