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Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on April 01, 2022 | 4 minute read

Spring Cleaning Senior

The arrival of spring each year means many wonderful things: warmer weather, open windows, fresh air – and spring cleaning. After months of being inside our homes for the winter, the spring always brings with it the sense of renewal and the chance for a fresh start.

For older adults, spring cleaning can also be an opportunity to reassess their homes, downsize as needed, and simplify. By following these easy tips for downsizing, you can ensure that this season is a joyful and productive one.

At Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, we celebrate and encourage independence and an active lifestyle for older adults. With active senior living communities in Nanaimo and Calgary, we provide opportunities for our community members to enjoy their next chapter of life with freedom, health, and fun.

As you begin your spring cleaning projects this year, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind to make it a success.


Start with One Room

Although spring cleaning and downsizing can be a liberating experience, it can quickly become overwhelming if you try to accomplish everything at once. Rather than thinking in terms of the entire house, start with one room and work until it is finished.

When it comes to which room to start with, there are two common ways to approach it. Some people prefer to start with the most challenging space in their house, wanting to tackle a big project upfront to get it out of the way. Others prefer to start small, cleaning a room that does not need much work – that way, they achieve small wins and build momentum to take on larger tasks.

One of our biggest tips for downsizing is to find a system that works for you or your family member. It can be easy to step back from a project like this and not feel motivated to start again. Finding a system that works for you will ensure you are motivated and organized enough to continue moving forward.


Safety First

Whether you are downsizing your home on your own, or helping a parent or family member with their house, remember to keep safety at the forefront of every activity. 

  • Be sure to take extra precautions when cleaning smooth surfaces like kitchen tile or bathroom floors, as they can increase the chance of slippings.

  • Never climb onto a ladder or stool without someone else there to assist.

  • Cleaning can often require reaching, bending, or heavy lifting. Don’t overexert yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Decide What to Keep

One of the best parts about downsizing is that it allows you to clear your home of unwanted or unnecessary items. Often, we hold onto clothing, outdated or unused items, and duplicates. These can be easily donated or discarded to cut down on the clutter in the home.

When it comes to deciding what stays and what goes, one of our tips for downsizing is to ask yourself - if you were going to move tomorrow, would you take this item with you? If the answer is yes, keep it. If the answer is no, you have some options.

First, you can donate items to a local charity. Many churches, schools, and community centers will accept these donations. For example, if you have a lot of books, consider taking them to your local library.

If you want to sell your items, a spring yard sale is the perfect solution. This gives you the opportunity to clear unwanted items from your home while also making a bit of money.

Finally, if you have items in your home that are sentimental or important to other members of your family, consider giving them away. Often, older adults wait to pass down items in their will. By giving beloved heirlooms and items to family members now, you have the chance to see their enjoyment when they receive their gift.


Downsizing Can Simplify Your Life

Not only is spring cleaning a good time to downsize and give your home a fresh update, but it can also be an opportunity to consider if moving to an active senior living community is right for you. 

At Origin Active Lifestyle Communities, our active senior living communities in Nanaimo and Calgary are designed for maintenance-free living. With convenient services, full social event calendars, daily dining options, and a commitment to health and wellness, Origin offers the joys of independent living without the continual tasks and responsibilities.

For more helpful resources and discover active senior living the Origin Way, visit our website today!

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