Combatting Social Isolation on Blue Monday and Everyday

Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on January 15, 2024 | 3 minute read

Blue Monday, often regarded as the "most depressing day of the year," falls on the third Monday of January. On this day, the combination of post-holiday blues, winter weather, and other factors can increase feelings of loneliness and sadness, particularly among seniors. However, there is hope...


O@H - Blue Monday - V1

Origin Active Lifestyles and Origin at Home are leading the way in addressing social isolation in seniors by promoting an active and engaging lifestyle on Blue Monday and every day. 

Blue Monday's arrival can be especially daunting for seniors who already grapple with social isolation. Loneliness is a pressing concern among the seniors, with adverse effects on their mental and physical health. On this day, the need for services like Origin Active Lifestyles and Origin at Home becomes even more apparent. 

Origin Active Lifestyles offers comprehensive senior living services throughout Canada, championing seniors' active living and fostering social connections. Origin Active Lifestyles provides a wide range of activities tailored to seniors' diverse interests, offering them opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and reduce feelings of isolation. From group fitness classes and hobby clubs to volunteering opportunities and cultural events, Origin Active Lifestyles encourages seniors to engage with their community, enhancing their overall well-being.  

For seniors who prefer the comfort of their homes, Origin at Home provides personalized in-home wellness and support services with compassion and dedication. Companions from Origin at Home go beyond daily tasks to offer companionship through meaningful conversations, games, and ensuring that seniors never feel isolated within their homes. Origin at Home promotes an active lifestyle by assisting with exercise routines, outdoor activities, and leisure pursuits, reducing the risk of social isolation. Origin at Home also offers dementia-friendly supports and strategies, training caregivers to provide specialized support, ensuring those with dementia participate in engaging activities and social interaction in a safe and comfortable environment. 

By fostering companionship, promoting an active lifestyle, and addressing seniors' unique needs, Origin Active Lifestyles and Origin at Home are invaluable resources in actively combatting social isolation among seniors. Origin emphasizes that a fulfilling and active lifestyle can be achieved at any age, reassuring seniors that they should never have to face isolation alone. 

Origin Active Lifestyles and Origin at Home are dedicated to combating social isolation among seniors by promoting active living and fostering social connections every day, not just on Blue Monday.  

To take action and explore an Origin Active Lifestyles community or discover companionship through Origin at Home, please visit or click for more information. Join us in the mission to combat social isolation among seniors and help them lead happier, healthier lives. 

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