Services Origin Offers Memory Care Community Members

Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on May 01, 2018 | 2 minute read

origin memory careAlzheimer’s, dementia and other forms of memory impairment cause a decrease in cognition, or the mental process of thinking, such as reasoning, awareness, and judgment. This decline in cognition can cause health issues and the inability to perform daily living tasks. Origin memory care communities are designed to offer resort-style amenities and services with the added benefits of around the clock care by trained staff. Origin memory care communities also offer activities specifically designed to improve cognitive thinking and encourage social engagement. 

Some of the benefits of Origin memory care communities include:


Music and Integrated Therapies

For those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, music is, at times, the only way they have to reconnect with the world and memories they once knew. As part of Origin’s Memory Care Life Enrichment Calendar, music therapy is included. Although listening to music does not require much cognitive thinking, it can stimulate other parts of the brain which can improve mood, promote awareness and help in the organization of information. 

Other integrated treatments include aromatherapy which can be comforting and helps to trigger memories, and colour therapy, or chromotherapy, which is implemented into the colour scheme of Origin’s buildings to promote a comfortable and calming environment.

Individualized Care

There is a quote that states: “If you have met one person with dementia, you have only met one person [with dementia].” Origin memory care understands that memory care must be individualized and specific to the community member because no two cases of dementia are the same. Origin memory care communities rely heavily on the community members’ family and friends to provide information that will help personalize their care.

At other communities, the staff tend to stick to a very routine schedule – wake up at a specific time, eat breakfast as a group at a specific time, etc., but Cindy Rota, General Manager for Whitehorn Village, says the goal at Origin Memory Care is to provide care that suits the needs of the community member, not the nursing staff. If a community member wakes up later in the morning, the staff adjusts their schedule to accommodate that community member.

Activities and Events 

Our Origin communities not only offer activities and events, but we provide a diverse list so that every one of our community members can find something they love or have the chance to try something new. We offer baking or cooking, art, and gardening classes from beginner to advanced, so all of our community members can get involved.

In addition, the team members at Origin Communities understand that at meal-time, a loud, crowded dining room may be overwhelming for those in memory care. They organize meal outings where five to six memory care community members will enjoy a meal in Origin’s large dining room. This offers them a restaurant-style experience in a more comfortable setting.

Making the decision to transition a parent or family member into memory care can be an overwhelming and challenging time. At Origin, we understand these challenges, and we are here to help in any way we can. We invite you to click here and visit our website to learn more about Origin Active Lifestyle Communities!