5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Active Seniors

Posted by Origin Active Lifestyle Communities on April 01, 2019 | 4 minute read

Origin Active Lifestyle Communities Spring Cleaning Tips Blog

Spring cleaning is a difficult task that many people avoid doing. Over the years, things begin to pile up and take up precious space in the home. Eventually, it will come time for those things to be organized, or discarded, if you and the senior in your life value a clean house.

Although the idea of spring cleaning isn’t complicated, the process can easily become overwhelming and frustrating. It can be beneficial to have a few tips that can help expedite your cleaning process and limit the use of harmful chemicals. Origin Active Lifestyle Communities would like you to share these five tips with you and your family to help finish spring cleaning and get back to an active lifestyle!

1.   Organize Your Space

When you and the senior in your life are starting to clean the home, it’s not always obvious where you should start. Decide on which rooms will be done first and what areas will take the most time. Knowing where to start is the first step in diving into the spring-cleaning process.

Try starting with a smaller room that doesn’t have many items in it. Dividing the house will allow you to get started without being overwhelmed. Just remember that taking small steps builds confidence and pushes you towards the finish line!

2.   Be Eco-friendly

Cleaning can be a pain, but the harmful chemicals that people use while cleaning are more dangerous than getting a sore back. Avoid using harsh chemicals that aren’t necessary to get the job done. There are many alternatives to cleaning products that don’t contain dangerous chemicals, and they still do a great job at making your countertops sparkle!

Research some environmentally friendly cleaning products so that you and your family can use to clean the home without exposing yourselves to hazardous materials.

 3.   Check Labels

Labels are essential to the cleaning process because they describe the best way to clean the material you're working with. If you or your parent want to clean couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture that don’t get cleaned daily, make sure to check the labels of your cleaning materials. Dry cleaning is the best way to wash some fabrics, while others are fine to put in the washing machine.

Improperly cleaning furniture and clothing can damage items. Be careful about separating fabrics and colors to avoid irreversible alterations to your furniture. With proper cleaning techniques and a little research, your fabrics will be looking like new in no time!

Origin Active Lifestyle Communities Spring Cleaning Tips Blog

4.   Reusable Cleaning Materials

While cleaning around the house, it’s not uncommon for you to use a few rolls of paper towels. Each sheet of paper can only clean so much, and some homes will require much more than just one roll of paper towels to clean the entire house. Reusing wipes or cloth towels can not only save money, but it’s a great way to reduce household waste!

Try looking for microfiber wipes or other materials that can be used more than once to clean the house. These wipes can be washed and used several times before they need to be discarded, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money!

5.   Protect the Floors

Cleaning the floor is something that most people hardly put any thought into. You buy a floor cleaning product, get a mop, and start working, right? Well, that’s not always the best idea. Depending on the type of flooring in your home, the product purchased may be doing more harm than good.

Look into your home’s type of flooring, which products are recommended to clean it, and the best way to get the job done. Choose a product that cleans your floor and protects it from future damage to extend its lifetime!

Although it’s difficult to get started, completing your spring-cleaning duties with the senior in your life can be rewarding and joyful. Spend quality time with your family, work together, and try not to work too hard! With the help of these five tips, you and your family will be able to get your cleaning done, and you’ll be able to resume your active lifestyle!


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